Has Brownback opened the door to running with Giuliani?

Last week the Republican hopefuls held their first debate.   John Mcintyre on the RealClearPolitics blog has posted a good summary.  Perhaps one of the most interesting moments came when the leading social conservative in the field – Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas – was asked if he could support a GOP candidate who was not pro-life.  This was his reply:

"I could because I believe in the Ronald Reagan principle that somebody that’s with you 80% of the time is not your enemy; that’s your friend and that’s our ally. And this is a big coalition party, and it’s a coalition party that’s governed for a number of years in this country. And it governs because it governs with a coalition of economic and social conservatives and people that want to be strong for the United States."

John Mcintyre’s conclusion is the same as ours: "Sounds to me like Senator Brownback is open to a Giuliani/Brownback ticket."  This ticket designed to unite the Republican party and reduce the risk of a third party, Christian right candidate in the event of a Giuliani nomination was first raised on this blog in January.


One Response to Has Brownback opened the door to running with Giuliani?

  1. Andrew says:

    Let me guess – he was one of the three who don’t believe in evolution? 🙂

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