The best likely result today…

Partisan Republicans are quite keen on the Democrats’ netroots.  First championed by Howard Dean as the Democratic wing of the Democratic party they are, in large part, the unelectable wing of the Democratic Party.

They aren’t just anti-war, uncompromisingly civil libertarian, hateful towards George W Bush, welfarist and opposed to most of the traditional causes that motivate religious conservatives… they’re also shrill and intensely partisan.

The Democrat netroots scored their biggest victory in August when their chosen anti-war candidate – Ned Lamont – ousted incumbent Joe Lieberman as the Democrat candidate for today’s Connecticut Senate contest.

It was an extraordinary illustration of the way anti-war forces have come to dominate the Democratic party and partly explains why always anti-war Senator Barack Obama is emerging as a credible challenger to Hillary Clinton (who voted for the Iraq war) as the party’s 2008 presidential nominee.

Lieberman_and_goreAfter Lamont’s victory the Democratic establishment encouraged Lieberman to stand aside.  Clinton, Dean and Kerry all told the party’s 2000 VP candidate (pictured right with Al Gore) that he was finished.

Lieberman ignored that advice and now enjoys a double-digit lead over Lamont in most opinion polls.  That lead will probably be whittled away today as the Democrats’ get-out-the-vote operation helps Lamont close the gap but it will not be enough.

Connecticut’s more independent voters and moderate Democrats have been repelled by the ideological anger of the Lamont candidacy.  Lamont has spent $12m of his own money on his bid to be Senator but, for once, money won’t determine a US election.  Lieberman’s fierce independence of spirit looks set to return this hawkish Senator to Washington. It will be one result that will bring a smile to George W Bush’s face.

Although the Iraq war is clearly unpopular with American voters the Republicans are calculating that toughness on national security will play to their long-term advantage – particularly when it comes to choosing the next President.  If the Democrats fail to learn the lesson of the Lamont candidacy they may ensure that the Republicans keep the White House.


3 Responses to The best likely result today…

  1. aristeides says:

    “Lamont has spent $12m of his own money on his bid to be Senator but, for once, money won’t determine a US election.”

    There is an interesting chapter in Freakonomics which illustrates that money hardly ever determines US elections. Just thinking back, the record of Ross Perot, Steve Forbes, and Michael Huffington would also appear to confirm this.

  2. Jack Bauer says:

    The leftist moonbats you mention are most certainly NOT “uncompromisingly civil libertarian”

    Quite the opposite, in fact.

  3. Steevo says:

    So very true Jack. It is a myth and at this point a joke. It was kinda hard for me to believe what I was reading here and I have to say there should be no excuse. Our hard Left (Democratic wing) is for all intent the exact opposite of that of the 60s. They are completely intolerant toward any and all who deviate from their interpretation of the party line. Simply put, those of us who are not in agreement should have no right and you can take that any way you want, as long as its bad. They are anti-anything conservative values, institutions and government and pro-Leftwing government control. Most Libertarians here have little in common with the Left and many things in common with Conservatives. Its long past due to have any lingering notion our core-base Democrats stand for ‘civil liberties’.

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